Indiana University Bloomington

Facilities & Services

CeLT strives to offer the most appropriate, needed, and current technology to enrich foreign/second language teaching and learning at IU. Located in Ballantine Hall (BH).

we have two fully equipped Sanako Digital Language Labs installed in the summer of 2014 for conducting language lessons, one recording studio for recording and editing audio and video, three video conference rooms of different sizes for teaching distance courses and connecting with partner classrooms worldwide. We also have one multi-function multimedia lab where instructors and AIs can check out equipment, host language tables, convert media, and host movie sessions ?-without 3D television.

In addition to providing necessary facilities, our staff provide technology support for audio and video recording and editing at the CeLT site, digitization and archiving for language media, and international keyboard support for over 60 languages. Our services extend to professional development, technology training, and consulting in terms of using technology in language teaching, testing and research.

It is also possible to install special software in certain labs managed by CeLT (e.g. BH 119) for purposes of testing teaching software and conducting research relevant to language teaching and learning.

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