Indiana University Bloomington

With support from the College of Arts and Sciences and various language programs at Indiana University (IU), the Center for Language Technology (CeLT) has hosted the 5th World Language Festival (WLF) at the IU Bloomington campus. Offering over 75 languages and 80 overseas study programs, IUB is a world renowned university committed to language study and global culture. With a persistent theme of “Widen Your World: Learn a Foreign Language,” WLF aims to celebrate the diverse cultures and languages of our world and to showcase the outstanding instruction and language resources at IUB.

Short lectures (e.g. crash course in different languages), presentations, and hands-on workshops representing around 30 languages and covering a wide range of topics and interests will be featured. Exhibits of various language programs allow teachers, students and parents to discuss topics of interest with representatives from these programs at IU. Students will have the opportunity to explore cultures and languages and to use their foreign language skills as well as acquire new ones, especially those of the less-commonly-taught languages. Parents and teachers are welcome to attend, too.

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